Commitment to Community

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When the verdict hits  listen to Attorney Davis of the Davis Bozeman























































Police Brutality in Our Community:

Tips & Strategies from Attorney Mawuli Davis

(Mike Brown – Ariston Waiters – Trayvon Martin –  Kendrick Johnson – Baby Bou Bou)

Davis| Bozeman sponsored Community Partner Events

Women’s Self Defense Class

hosted by the SisterCARE Alliance
Sunday, December 7, 2014
1:30pm – 4:30pm

Self Defense Moves | Rape Prevention Tactics | 7 Traits of a Potential Attacker and more

Davis|Bozeman Law Firm
4153B Flat Shoals Pkwy
Decatur, GA 30034




Empowering Ourselves Now Conference 2014 Footage

 EONCFlyer Front(v1)

Empowering Ourselves Now Conference:

Asserting our Rights and Educating Beyond Ferguson

Atlanta, Georgia  | October 24-25, 2014

Register yourself or a group online now at

Mission Our mission is to host a dynamic conference that provides community members:

1. Organizing tools and strategies

2. Connections with existing partner organizations

3. Space for strategic thinking and exchange, and their critical resources needed to continue building a sustainable movement for political, social, and economic justice.



Know Your Legal Rights When Encountering the Police

hosted by the DeKalb Lawyers Association

Watch the recording of this event by clicking the image below.



Trayvon Martin Case


The Davis Bozeman Law Firm has demonstrated a genuine concern and support for uplifting our community by providing:

  1. pro bono (free) legal services;
  2. “Know Your Legal Rights” Workshops; and
  3. financial support to programs and initiatives that educate and empower.
Attorneys Davis and Bozeman routinely have taken pro bono cases to ensure that justice, equality, and fair play are a reality for people that have historically been marginalized and disenfranchised. Additionally, the firm provides programs and training at churches, conferences, schools, and other gatherings to educate the community about their legal rights. The Davis Bozeman Law Firm has committed its financial resources to supporting children’s programs, community activism, and other efforts that seek to expand and protect the human rights of all members of society.
Take a Look at Our Upcoming Community Events [Link to Listing Below]
  • Some examples of The Davis Bozeman Law Firm’s willingness to provide legal services to community members in need are provided below:
  • Representation of garbage truck driver maced in the face by police and arrested while on route emptying garbage.
  • Representation of four male high school students falsely accused of burglary as they walked through an apartment complex..
  • Representation of advocates for the homeless arrested in City Hall Protest.
  • Mawuli representing former City Councilman Derrick Boazman and other advocates for the homeless.
The only thing romantic about the struggle, is the love we must have for the people.
-Mawuli Mel Davis
Some examples of The Davis Bozeman Law Firm’s willingness to support positive community efforts are provided below :
  • Atlanta student, youth, and community organizers for the “Jena 6” protest.
  • Provides monthly support for Kilombo Institute. (Home School Program)
  • Sponsors Gresham Park Youth Baseball and Football Teams.
  • Sponsor for Cedar Grove Middle Grove Step Team, Annual Malcolm X Festival, and Banquet.
  • “Know Your Legal Rights “ program for Let Us Make Man Gathering attended by over 500 people, the Arthur Langford Leadership Institute and Eagle Leadership Academy at Benjamin E. Mays.
  • Fatherhood graduation for ForeverFamily, Inc. in the Clayton County Transition Center for men being released from prison to rejoin their families.
  • “If you can see it, You can be it” 3rd and 4th grade program to encourage children of color to become attorneys in conjunction with GABWA, GAAAA, Gate City Bar Association, and MIPC.